A film by Jonathan King

Set in the coal-mining hills and farmlands of rural Ohio, Marie is a short film about a young woman's struggle between her austere religious upbringing, and the encroaching secular world.  Brought to life by director Jonathan King’s evocative visual style, the story of Marie reveals an obscure corner of the American experience, told with unique insight and unflinching candor.

Central to both the plot and production of Marie is the Ralph Charles theatre pipe-organ in Somerset, Ohio. The massive organ, encompassing an entire home and consisting of over 1,700 pipes, was constructed by the late great Ralph Charles. An original Wright Brothers engineer and airplane enthusiast, Charles' worked tirelessly on the instrument over the course of his life, however, diligent maintenance is needed to keep the organ operational. The Marie production is dedicated to restoring this incredible instrument. Pre-production efforts for Marie over the summer of 2014 led by composer Joshua Theroux and Charles' long-time friend Pat Greene, the current owner and caretaker of the organ, brought the instrument into an improved working condition, and resulted in the first public concert held in years on the organ.

While production efforts for Marie have already made major accomplishments, the film is not done!  We need your help to raise substantial funds in order to complete this amazing project.  It is with passion, dedication and respect that we ask for your donation to complete MARIE!




Marie is supported by the Princess Grace Foundation.

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