A film by Jonathan King


Adrianna Iantorno and Jonathan King have been collaborating in life for 8 years. She is an art director, stylist and photographer for film, television and fashion. She is a native Chicagoan but currently resides in Los Angeles California with her viking boyfriend and junkyard dog.



Josh Theroux is from Michigan. Josh Theroux studied entomology but eventually dropped out of school in the 1990s to become a faith healer and preacher of the Word. After the shocking events of September 11th, 2001, Josh Theroux gave up on the parousia and turned his will toward other matters closer to home. He now composes music for film. He composed the score for some of Jonathan King's other films, including "Real Violence", and recently completed his first feature length score for the upcoming film "The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards". His band The Labrador Current will release its debut album later this year. Josh Theroux lives in Los Angeles.



Phillip Park is a sound recording professional based in Columbus, OH, with a background in music, film, documentary, television, and live audio mixing and production. Phillip is also a performing and recording artist in his own right, playing with and/or producing, an impressive roster of artists and bands that include Anna Ranger, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Tim Easton, Haynes Boys, J.P. Olsen, Burn Barrel, Sex Tide, Time & Temperature, Floorian, The Yips, and many more.

While a student at the University of Iowa, Phillip was fortunate enough to study experimental tape music composition with a true pioneer of the field, the iconoclastic Kenneth Gaburo. Likewise, he had the privilege of studying film history there under the highly-influential theorist, author and scholar, J. Dudley Andrew, and he continues to draw upon those unique educational experiences to this day.

Recently, Phillip has added stand-up comedy writing and performance to an ever-broadening palette of talents and interests. He also enjoys working with interesting people, performing, music, sex, art, movies, cooking and eating, drinking tea or the odd cocktail, reading, writing, travel, and plenty of other fun stuff.



SEAN GOLLER (and Jonathan King at the Oscars)

Sean Goller is a digital imaging technician, editor and colorist based in Los Angeles, CA. Since graduating with an undergraduate degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard College two years ago, Sean has worked on set and in post-production on a variety of commercials, music videos, television shows and feature films. He has worked on set with several notable directors and cinematographers, and worked commercially as a DIT and cinematographer for several large corporate brands. Sean and Jonathan first worked together on his advanced film REAL VIOLENCE, and the two have continued to collaborate and work closely together ever since.



Bill Heingartner has done sound recording and live sound in many different scenarios. He has worked at Blue Moon Studio, Monaco Productions, and his home studio (all in Columbus, OH). He also worked at Metatec (a CD and DVD pressing plant in Dublin, OH), at Marion Music (in Marion, OH), where he repaired and maintained electronic audio equipment and musical instruments, and at Bartha Visual, an audiovisual and staging company specializing in corporate events. He has also done live recordings, film sound, and theatrical sound. He has produced and/or engineered numerous records in different musical genres, including many jazz records with Hammond B3 Organist Tony Monaco. He has a B.A. in Physics and Chemistry and is currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Programming at OSU. In his spare time, he enjoys playing drums and singing in Three bands: The Bygones, The Wells, and Orson Buggy.