A film by Jonathan King


Steve Olson is a skateboarding legend, painter, sculptor, actor, and heartbreaker. Revolutionizing pool and bowl skating as a pro-skater in the 1970’s, Steve has been defying traditions for decades. He skated for the Venice Biennale with his son Alex, and exhibits his artwork in solo and group shows all over the world, including California, New York, Paris, Germany, Prague and Shreveport. Steve played the lead in Jonathan King’s film REAL VIOLENCE. He lives and works in Hollywood, California.



(Marie) is a multi-ethnic LA native with 13 years of acting experience. She spends her time doing commercial work, passion projects such as Marie, as well as producing and editing films. She also serves on the board of the Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program that services over 800 underprivileged youth from East LA neighborhoods. Currently she is working on a proposal to serve as the creative director for 5 short films made by women of color. You can find her performing improv comedy in Hollywood venues on a weekly basis or see what’s new at



I was born, I've lived and here I am. The daughter of a vagabond methodist minister, moving every three years. The cities and towns of Ohio. New people new people new people. Enough time to know those I will not forget, and time enough to remember those that couldn't get over it, that I am a Cherokee and daughter of a preacher. The 60s and 70s – peacemaking with my father. I hold it all close.

A cellist later but an actress by the age of seven. Creating versions, I sing the blues. A grandmother, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a single mother of four.  Raising gentleman and caring for many more. Poverty, car crashes, struck by  lightning. No kidding. My face still tingles on its left side, the myriad of reminders tingle.  But four gentlemen, my sons, single handed but I never thought of it. To be removed from the streets where my father preached his convictions and love. To be forced out of town as I was the unsupervised person with brown skin after hours, caught. My family now following me. And all the clarity.

My bags are unpacked for the moment to exist in the world of “Marie”, a world outside of the cliches of typecast to participate in a world that permits a history I draw from. As a daughter to the earth, as a mother to as many I can be.



Look in my eyes a haze never borrowed inside is the truth a broken bottle softly spoken my rhyme always followed words are few but the tips sometimes hollow if the subject is guilt in the mud I wallow.

- by Erica Stepp


Patricia Humpe Immell was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio and began formal piano studies at the age of 5. Her mother was the Cathedral organist so music was always a big part of her life as well as her 6 brothers and sisters. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Organ Performance for West Liberty University and her Master of Music degree from The Ohio State University, also in performance where she studied under Dr. Wilbur Held. Patty has played in various denominations throughout her life and she represented the Wurlitzer Company in Indiana and Ohio. She has played for fairs and expos, for the Ohio Theater in Columbus,Ohio and for the Library of Congress Tour when it came to the Wexner Center, also in Columbus. 
Patty currently serves as Director of Music and organist at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Circleville, Ohio.